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Chimpanzee Attack Video

Chimpanzee Attack Scandal Video

Watch this video when Chimpanzee Travis attack Charla Nash.

Chimpanzee Travis Attack

Stamford police shot Travis the Chimpanzee after Sandra Herold the owner called 911 and seek for help for her friends life. Before Travis was shot Herold tried to help Nash by hitting the Chimpanzee with a shovel and stabbed with butcher knife. Read more of this Chimpanzee Attack

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Watch Jeremy Lusk Crash Video

I am a fan of Jeremy Lusk and I already watched the Jeremy Lusk crash video. I always watch his performance and stunts whenever he joins a competition. Lusk was only 24 years old but he already prove that he was one of best freestyle motorcycle around the world.

Jeremy Lusk crash video

If you want to watch how Jeremy Lusk do his last stunts, visit Watch Jeremy Lusk Crash Video Last Ride!

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Sheyla Almeida Biggest Breast In The World

Sheyla Almeida Biggest Breast In The World

Do you know Sheyla Almeida? Sheyla is the now own the record of the biggest breast in the World. If you want to know more about her stories and how she was fascinated with her big breast. And what drives her to do all this things. Watch video of Sheyla Almeida Biggest Breast In The World

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