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KC Concepcion Scandal

KC Concepcion Scandal

KC Concepcion Scandal pictures

What KC Concepcion Scandal? Is it a joke?

This are the words that I have said when I heard that KC Concepcion has a scandal pictures. I can't believe that KC Concepcion will do that. To see is to believe, what I do is that I search in the Google the word KC Concepcion Scandal and what I saw is that an ordinary pictures of KC in a happenings or occasions. KC Concepcion Scandal issue was too exaggerated, it is just an ordinary pictures. But if you want to see the scandal pictures here it is KC Concepcion Scandal

FYI - People Scandal


  KC Concepcion Fanatic

March 15, 2009 at 7:56 PM

Please support KC and Piolo in their upcoming TV show "Lovers In Paris". God Bless...